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Wizards and watermelons! We play tabletop, video games, and talk about those things + more on our podcast. No filter.

Melonmancy Podcast will return in JANUARY 2023

This is a brief set of announcements at the beginning of the recording, followed by about 4 hours of unhinged drunken rambling with multiple guests (Including and and – thanks so much for coming!)

TL;DR on said announcements:

  • We are going on vacation again this year. Our next episode will be sometime in January!
  • You can find out when exactly we will return by following or joining our forum
    • There's no much to see on the forum right now, but we are keeping it up maybe forever so there will be thriving discussion there eventually

No amount of typing on this post about what we talked about this episode will do it justice. If you do choose to listen past the announcements do us a favor and with a modern podcasting app – such as Fountain please make clips of your favorite parts and post them!

See you next year!

This will probably be the last episode we record with Jitsi Meet. Long live Mumble

Missed recording last week because Dielan had the 'rona. A lot of bullshit went down since last episode!

Topics include:

  • Bayo3 voice actor drama
    • Note: after we recorded this episode new information came to light that suggests that Hellena Taylor was lying about the low offer, which confirms our biases that this lady is suspicious
  • G4TV put out of its misery
  • Fandom acquired gamespot, gamefaqs. giant bomb, metacritic, TV guide, and more – WTF
  • Overwatch 2 dead on arrival
  • We now accept cash donations on Odysee!


Go sign up at !!

In this episode we dive a little deeper on fewer topics than our norm, but that's ok

Topics include:

  • We have launched a new forum. It's empty right now please go forth and fill it with posts!
  • Cyberpunk Edgerunners (review)
  • Current state of Planetside 2
  • G4TV & karmic retribution
  • and more!

NO GAMES – the event. WTF was Sony thinking?

This one's a long one. The Melonmancy crew is back and covering the Nintendo Direct and Sony state of play, plus some other ramblings.

Topics include:

  • Nintendo Direct
  • Sony State of Play
  • Discord on Xbox
  • Dielan finished Stone Ocean
  • Warframe big update
  • NEW FORUM (and section 230)
  • Cyberpunk anime is out
  • Overwatch 2 dead on arrival
  • Splitgate news
  • and more! This shit's like 3 hours long.

Fuck Rockstar Games

Is 60 episodes a big milestone? We're not sure. Come listen to us ramble.

Topics include:

  • xenoblade 3 final thoughts (spoiler free)
  • vic beat cp2077
  • Atozy got sued
  • Reuters attack article on odysee
  • saints row flopped
  • ps5 price hike
  • and more!

No, not real sausages

Today's episodes deals with a little bit of podcast meta and how we might change things up in the future.

Topics include:

  • Some notes about how we used to make the show
  • Going back to audio only upload with some editing
  • How much editing is too much editing? (We aren't editing enough)
  • video games
  • some other stuff

Earnest, and professional round-table discussion of the inherit value of anime tiddies in video games

Back to normal this episode! Dielan, Rick, and Vic are back and ready to ramble.

Topics include:

  • WTF happened last episode
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3 first impressions (Only at the beginning of chapter 2 at time of recording)
  • Stealing art on the internet
  • Powdered energy drinks
  • Life as a corpo
  • and more!

Who wouldn't want to be spanked?

Today's episode is a little different. Due to missing recording day and going on a vacation, we decided to just invite anybody from our Discord to join in. We only got 3 people to join, but it was pretty short notice. We'll def do this again sometime and see how chaotic we can make it.

Topics include:

  • Where did the name Melonmancy come from in the first place
  • The current state of some of our old staple games, like Guild Wars 2 and Warframe
  • Rippaverse
  • The dichotomy of Doomsday Preppers and Homesteaders
  • Dielan was looking for some indie stealth game on and ended up playing Hero's Harem Guild instead
  • new show update
  • and more!

It's the Steam Summer Sale of Love baby

Dielan, Vic, and Rick are back with burning wallets and hot takes.

Topics include:

  • Steam Summer Sale
    • Hell Let Loose, which is like a WW2 battlefield game that isn't garbage
    • Hedon Bloodright
    • Ruiner
    • Dune: Spice Wars
    • Some other shit we bought
    • Why does every category have a ton of porn games?
  • Some first impressions/observations about v4v and BTC maxis
  • Sony started a competitor service to games pass and its so mid it hurts
  • Countless tangents and hot takes that weren't on the agenda

No hot alien bitches were harmed in the production of this episode

Agenda items in today's episode includes:

  • Special guest Dreamcycler from the Melonmancy community joins the show!
  • Summer Games Fest came and went and there is a lot of cringe to unpack here
  • Some D&D stories
  • Where exactly do you draw the line between catgirls and furries?
  • Dielan spolis the new Doctor Strange movie (you weren't going to watch it anyway)
  • Obscure Christian ska albums
  • Tales of RTS games past
  • and more!