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In this episode we dive a little deeper on fewer topics than our norm, but that's ok

Topics include:

  • We have launched a new forum. It's empty right now please go forth and fill it with posts!
  • Cyberpunk Edgerunners (review)
  • Current state of Planetside 2
  • G4TV & karmic retribution
  • and more!

NO GAMES – the event. WTF was Sony thinking?

This one's a long one. The Melonmancy crew is back and covering the Nintendo Direct and Sony state of play, plus some other ramblings.

Topics include:

  • Nintendo Direct
  • Sony State of Play
  • Discord on Xbox
  • Dielan finished Stone Ocean
  • Warframe big update
  • NEW FORUM (and section 230)
  • Cyberpunk anime is out
  • Overwatch 2 dead on arrival
  • Splitgate news
  • and more! This shit's like 3 hours long.

Fuck Rockstar Games

Is 60 episodes a big milestone? We're not sure. Come listen to us ramble.

Topics include:

  • xenoblade 3 final thoughts (spoiler free)
  • vic beat cp2077
  • Atozy got sued
  • Reuters attack article on odysee
  • saints row flopped
  • ps5 price hike
  • and more!

No, not real sausages

Today's episodes deals with a little bit of podcast meta and how we might change things up in the future.

Topics include:

  • Some notes about how we used to make the show
  • Going back to audio only upload with some editing
  • How much editing is too much editing? (We aren't editing enough)
  • video games
  • some other stuff

Earnest, and professional round-table discussion of the inherit value of anime tiddies in video games

Back to normal this episode! Dielan, Rick, and Vic are back and ready to ramble.

Topics include:

  • WTF happened last episode
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3 first impressions (Only at the beginning of chapter 2 at time of recording)
  • Stealing art on the internet
  • Powdered energy drinks
  • Life as a corpo
  • and more!

Who wouldn't want to be spanked?

Today's episode is a little different. Due to missing recording day and going on a vacation, we decided to just invite anybody from our Discord to join in. We only got 3 people to join, but it was pretty short notice. We'll def do this again sometime and see how chaotic we can make it.

Topics include:

  • Where did the name Melonmancy come from in the first place
  • The current state of some of our old staple games, like Guild Wars 2 and Warframe
  • Rippaverse
  • The dichotomy of Doomsday Preppers and Homesteaders
  • Dielan was looking for some indie stealth game on and ended up playing Hero's Harem Guild instead
  • new show update
  • and more!

It's the Steam Summer Sale of Love baby

Dielan, Vic, and Rick are back with burning wallets and hot takes.

Topics include:

  • Steam Summer Sale
    • Hell Let Loose, which is like a WW2 battlefield game that isn't garbage
    • Hedon Bloodright
    • Ruiner
    • Dune: Spice Wars
    • Some other shit we bought
    • Why does every category have a ton of porn games?
  • Some first impressions/observations about v4v and BTC maxis
  • Sony started a competitor service to games pass and its so mid it hurts
  • Countless tangents and hot takes that weren't on the agenda

No hot alien bitches were harmed in the production of this episode

Agenda items in today's episode includes:

  • Special guest Dreamcycler from the Melonmancy community joins the show!
  • Summer Games Fest came and went and there is a lot of cringe to unpack here
  • Some D&D stories
  • Where exactly do you draw the line between catgirls and furries?
  • Dielan spolis the new Doctor Strange movie (you weren't going to watch it anyway)
  • Obscure Christian ska albums
  • Tales of RTS games past
  • and more!

Today's episode is sponsored by drinking water and touching grass

Agenda items in today's episode includes:

  • Dielan (much more sober this time) tries to explain how we are now a Value4Value production
  • WTF is V Rising and why no PVP RPG is going to live up to classic Herocraft
  • obligatory new Star Wars show nitpicks and bitching
  • Details on Dielan's new podcast coming soon

Got a little tipsy in this one

Agenda items in today's episode includes:

  • Creator Clash was a thing and wasn't cringe somehow
  • Vic has been making some serious progress in Cyberpunk2077 on stream
  • Gfuel makes the NFT backtracking walk of shame
  • The inherent censorship-resistant features of Podcasting 2.0
  • and more!

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