About Us

Just a few nerds with a microphone and spare time

What is Melonmancy?

tl;dr – A gaming clan from an obscure MMO turned multi-game community.

Melonmancy came together as a gaming community 2012 while playing hardcore mmo mod for Minecraft called Herocraft. In this mod players had to band together and build townships while struggling to survive in an open pvp setting similar to the mmos of the previous decade. That game was never meant to last forever but the group stayed together. Melonmancy has since had some presence in games such as Guild Wars 2, Warframe, Planetside 2, Final Fantasy XIV, and countless flavor-of-the-month titles.

What is the Melonmancy Podcast?

Melonmancy has had a history of interesting and hilarious times in the voice comms. Over time one of the founding members, Dielan – who also was the one hosting the Teamspeak server had a collection of great recordings over the years. He paid for the yearly SoundCloud subscription with unlimited upload space and put all of the recordings up. Then when Melonmancy started doing regular D&D sessions over voice comms we recorded those too. At some point we decided to start this show. A creative outlet for our talks rather than trying to hit record when it's organically getting good.


Dielan Ninebreaker

Online handle of a guy named Dylan. You weren't going to spell it right anyway. Dielan is a younger than he looks, enjoys old & niche video games, bad movies, Red Bull, dungeons 'n dragons, cacodemons (specifically), and the sound of his own voice.

Victim130 aka AVictimOfGaming

A guy using his dad's old band name as a handle. Currently a twitch affiliate who loves to stream RPGs both new and old. Has a nerdy obsession for writing, Tabletop RPGs, video games, anime and caffeine. Is also an aspiring voice actor.

Sarge The Barge

A newcomer to the community but an old friend of Dielan's. Sarge is a Twitch streamer who was formerly partnered with Witch Doctor Gaming. Known to dissapear for months/years at a time from the show. Likes to stream Gacha games and Rougelikes. He really, REALLY likes Rougelikes.


Became a regular part of the Melonmancy Podcast in 2022 and a long standing member of the community both before and after our exodus from Herocraft. His old username was Colonel_Rick, named after the DC Comics character, and is often referred to as Rick for shorthand on the show. No that isn't his real name.