MP#20 – I hate Minecraft now let me tell you why it's game of the decade

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We decided to just take December off because we were too busy to do any of this. Decided to reward you with an extra long episode. In here we are going to talk about our holidays, our choices for Game of the Year 2019, Game of the Decade, and other nonsense. We also spent a good chunk of time explaining what Mastodon is, and why it sucks since Twitter wants to get into the open social media standards space. See show notes for links related to that rant as there's lots of details in the rant that assume you read some of these to help it make sense.


Pebblebee, that wallet finder thing someone got Dielan for Christmas

Regarding Dielan's Mastodon rant:

Jack Dorsey talking about making an open social media standard, and the braindead replies praising him like it hasn't been done already

Robek's Article on the arrival of mastodon. The only sane article about mastodon written in 2017

Example of some of the undeserved praise Mastodon got in 2017 that caused their inflated their user counts early on, which are now mostly derelict accounts today

A hitpiece on the creator of Mastodon, from a Mastodon user, detailing how he steals credit from others

Leaks & unsubstantiated hearsay that suggest the Masto founder was a key founding element of the Eunomia Project – An EU backed social credit system similar to China's

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