MP#24 – Learn to spell your name right asshole

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In today's episode we finally make good on our promise last episode to get back to focusing on video games and other nerd shit. We had a lot to say last episode and didn't get to it all, so we come out swinging shitting on Sony, AAA gaming in general, and beyond.

Topics contained within but not limited to: mentions in his rant about Matrix mentions that you should absolutely NOT create an account on's server to try it out. It is a bloated server where most of the accounts are. Which goes against the spirit of decentralization. Instead consider creating an account on blob cat maintained by or on iddqd social maintained by, or if you are invested in this consider hosting your own server.

If you want to know more about Genshin Impact without playing it yourself (it is free after all) consider checking out Victim's Twitch stream or checkout a totally new streamer, and longtime friend of the show Jimmynoobtr0n.

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