MP#33 – The People With The Wrong Opinions

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We have a real treat for you all today. We went the typical 1 hour 30 minutes but this time kept the conversation almost entirely centered on video games for once. Special guest from the Melonmancy community Rick joins us again to talk about the current state of Planetside 2, the Outfit Wars format, and the unprecedented 4:0 undefeated streak our Planetside 2 outfit, 2RAF, has achieved thus far. As we mentioned in a previous episode we joined the 2RAF outfit to give ourselves the large outfit experience on Planetside 2 without all the overhead of managing a large outfit – which we don't have time for. Our podcast and our community doesn't reflect the views of 2RAF – we're just a squad of murderhobos trying to find our way through the universe. Hear about all this and more in today's episode!

Back to variety topics next time. We just had lots of Planetside 2 happenings to get off of our minds.

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