MP#40 – NFT version of 1st edition Charizard

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First of all, special thanks to all the people that tuned in live. We recorded this shortly after episode 39 was made with the intent to drop the vods closer to the normal podcast day, as Dielan and Ironee's anniversary was on the upcoming recording day and Vic was on vacation anyway.

In this special episode we are joined by and! When we last had Moon on our show 10grans was worth less than 20 cents a token, but is now worth a lot more for reasons we don't really understand. Not only that, but Moon dropped a new website for buying and selling NFTs for 10grans or UBIQ called Token Gallery. We talked about all kinds of shit.

No, I did not get the chance to ask Trio which Gundam show was the best, and why is it G Gundam. However you can ask him yourself when he is streaming either on seriousposter or twitch!

We are definitely going to make highlight videos out of this episode. Coming soon.

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