MP#46 – The American Version of Vic

Listen up we have some changes around here this season.

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Today we are joined by special guest from Shitposter Club! TechUr is a Streamer with a passion for freedom and content sovereignty. He comes to our podcast during pivotal moment of his Streaming career as he pivots from the popular, but abusive Twitch for an independent platform – SPC's own cytube instance: Seriousposter Tube. You can learn more on his website TechUr Live. Check out the donate page to support the chainsmoking frogman directly!

In this episode we talk about our choices for game of the year, but not really game of the year, but actually the best new games we played in 2021 – which are not necessarily new or good at all. 2021 was a pretty shit year, but we're still here.

Other covered topics include:

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