MP#65 – Sandbox more like litterbox

I said we would return in January, this was recorded in January, still counts right?

Big thanks to everybody who tuned into the show. I know 90 THOUSAND PLAYS isn't much by YouTube/corporate media standards but it means alot to us that somebody is listening to our nonsensical ramblings

Reminder that this is a Value4Value podcast so any support you can give us via a modern podcasting app is greatly appreciated and we will never bow to corporate sponsors! If you want to send us cash tips in USD, you can do that on Odysee

This episode we welcome back our guests Zerrva (Jordan) and Metalchicken (Robbie) from our OG community. Who help us kick off the year with a look back at what the best new games we played last year were. We also spend a lot of time talking shit about Wizards of the Coast.

This episode was not recorded live as we have made our glorious return to Mumble. Livestreams will resume once figures out how to install Icecast. If anybody's done that before please tag him on the fedi. On the bright side this gives us an audio track per person again, enabling us to edit out noise, voice conflicts, and silences. Should make for a better experience than the last two seasons. Not taking the easy way out anymore!

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